Dorian (Hellas) is established

Dorian (Hellas) was established in 1973 and represents Principals whose history and involvement with Greek Mercantile Marine and international shipping dates back over a century.
Principals of Dorian (Hellas) have managed and owned tankers, bulk carriers, LPG vessels and general cargo.

Mid Nineteen Eighties 

Fleet Renewal

Dorian’s Principals completed a fleet renewal program whereby eight ships of total 1,143,000 tons and average age of 17 years were replaced by eight ships of 1,780,000 tons with an average age of 10 years. Recently Dorian completed the supervision, on behalf of separate owners, of ten ships with total contracted values in excess of five hundred million dollars: Eight ships at Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea and two at Sumitomo Heavy Industries in Japan.


Dorian entered the LPG market

Dorian entered the LPG market in 2002 by acquiring two pressurized vessels, followed by four additional acquisitions over the following 18 months. Five of the vessels were later sold at a profit.


Dorian entered the VLGC segment

The company entered the VLGC segment in 2005-2006 with a series of Newbuildings at Hyundai Heavy Industries.


Current Status

Dorian’s heritage is proudly carried on by its present workforce at sea and on shore; their commitment to its customers and employees is at the core of its mission statement: To arrange safe, reliable and trouble free transportation services.